With Permagard your vehicle will look like the day it was delivered and there is no better way to protect your investment.

Paint oxidizes with time and will eventually dull and dissipate its colour resins, all of which can be avoided with a little care. All paints contain ‘oils’ that are necessary. Sunlight, oxygen, airborne pollutants and incorrect care deplete these oils. More often than not, it is neglect that destroys a finish.

The advanced reactive polymer structures developed in Permagard coatings, lock and bond in multiple layers protecting against all types of chemical attacks (acids, insects, pollution) on your paint and even repel most dirt from sticking to the paint so your vehicle stays incredibly clean between washings.

When washing is needed you can simply rinse dirt away with water! Nothing is easier. Nothing protects as well. Nothing lasts longer and has a deeper gloss!

Permagard Exterior Coating

Reduces Maintenance – eliminates need to wax or polish

Endorsed – Qantas, Virgin and Mercedes-Benz

Ultra Violet Inhibiting Technology & stain resistant

Lifetime warranty*

Permagard Exterior Coating

Protects against stains

Protects against the cracking and fading

Reduces wear

Lifetime warranty*

Permagard Exterior Coating

Helps eliminate odours


Air conditioning system decontaminant

Long term protection

*for the ownership of the car
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