Holden Signs Come Down

70 Years a staple in the Wagga streetscape

3 generations, 70+ years and thousand of vehicles later, the big red holden signs are taken down from our showroom.

The very last Holden was sold on the 5th of September marking a momentous moment in Wagga Wagga’s history. Holden will officially shut down by 2021.

The signs were very sentimental to Wagga Motors and the braid family, all being in shock when the announcement that Holden would shut its doors was blasted over the media… but as one sign goes down another goes up, and that one is something we are very proud of.

blog1v1 IMG_8505

GMSV (General Motor Specialty Vehicles) home to the Corvette and Silverado 1500 & 2500 named the 48 dealerships who will be officially stocking their vehicles and we are excited to be part of those 48.


The Silverado is available for pre-order now and the corvette is due in late 2021.

For all your GMSV enquiries 

please contact Scott Raufers – scott.raufers@waggamotors.com.au